A 10-day juice cleanse. How hard could it be..?

If you’re either interested in, or are currently partaking in the 10-day cleanse and have some questions or are lookin’ for some recipes.. *hopefully* you’ve come to the right place. (Leave any questions in the comment section below or reach out on my Instagram!)

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DO NOT complete this cleanse if you are looking for an easy “diet/weight-loss solution”. This becomes a lifestyle. It changes your relationship with food, and makes you think about it in an entirely different light.

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A short list of the morals I’ve taken away from this cleanse include but are not limited to: a greater understanding/respect for food as a whole, an organic lifestyle, an appreciation for my body and what it’s capable of, and a growing love for smoothies…

A quick list of snacks I had on nearly.a daily basis consists of: a sliced apple w/ 2 tbsp natural PB, egg salad made with 1.5 tbsp vegan “just” mayo, low sodium tuna salad made with 1.5 tbsp vegan “just” mayo, and a plethora of raw vegetables.

ingredients for “protein balls”:
• 1 cup oats (steel cut or rolled)
• ½ cup ground flaxseed (makes u shit)
• ½ cup all natural peanut butter (I use smucker’s)
• ⅓ cup honey
• 1 tsp vanilla extract
• 2 tsp cinnamon
• (it also calls for ½ cup shredded coconut, but I don’t like coconut, so I did not include that… and 2 scoops of either protein powder or chocolate chips)

directions re-worded by yours truly: In a large mixing bowl, stir the ingredients together until they are all damp and well-mixed. Then, either scoop out a tablespoon amount of the mix to form a ball, or use your fingers to make even ball shapes. (I found the hand-technique much easier, as I had more control) Then, layer the balls in a container, placing wax paper in between each layer to separate them and prevent sticking. Lastly, place em in a freezer for a few minutes before moving them permanently into the fridge for storage! 🙂


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