Greek patsas soup recipe – cow head stew | Grill philosophy

Greek patsas soup recipe – cow head stew | Grill philosophy

Greek “patsas” (tripe soup) is the must-have breakfast for those who had a long night out since it’s the perfect cure for the stomach -a cure for heavy drinking and heavy smoking side effects… Of course, there are also those who just prefer starting their day with this dish. “Patsas” is a soup made of cow head broth or a mix of cow head, feet, and beef tripe. It can also be made with pig’s head and legs. Today’s recipe is the easiest version to start with; everyone can make it and that most of you will love it.

We visited the last (and the oldest!) tavern serving “patsa” in Karditsa, Greece, on Valvi Street. Nikos Kapekas is the one that carries on the family tradition. He is now the owner of the traditional tavern once his father (90 years old today) used to run and he is still a big fan of this dish. We had a long conversation with him and enjoyed a mixed version of “patsa”.

We learned that back in the day they used to cook “patsa” for many hours in the traditional wood-fired oven that everyone had in the neighborhood. Late at night, they would place the cooking vessel in the oven and they would remove it from the oven at five o’clock the next morning. The dish would have the taste of a slow-cooked meal, which we cannot find today because the slow-cooking method isn’t usually applied. The first customers would appear early in the morning. This is what we got: this recipe needs time, it has to be cooked slowly and anything extra should be avoided.

Let’s see all this step-by-step. Happy cooking (the traditional way) everyone!

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